Building and Testing the Tool Builders’ Workbox

In my last blog, I presented a vision of a better UX for those who use tools – a Workbox for the tool builders. How can I design, build and implement the tool builders’ Workbox? Not by myself; I need a team of people around me with different skills and knowledge, that complement my own knowledge and skills.

So far, I have identified the tasks that are needed as:

  • Research and Development (R&D) to isolate and understand out the specific problems with the current tools for the people who use them. Methods might include:
    • Interviews with people on software development teams, but also …
    • Interviews / questionnaires with people entering the industry;
    • Interviews / questionnaires with people leaving the industry, or choosing not to enter the industry when they have the capacity to do that;
    • Analysis of other research on whether the choices people make are affected by gender, culture, or other factors, based on existing research from others;
    • Data analytics;
    • Usability testing of tools;
    • Heuristic evaluations of tools;
    • AI/semantic analysis.
  • Prototyping of a new Tools User eXperience
  • Composing and trialling guidelines and templates for tools builders
  • Building and delivering education and training courses, via for example webinars
  • Awareness building through the industry via conferences (I am going to be speaking on this topic at UCAAT in Budapest in October and also will be at the Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) this year, with a chance to discuss the ideas);
  • Trialling the prototype Workbox with tools builders.

In the first instance, it makes sense to talk with the tools builders in the open source world but I also want to converse with commercial vendors about this. It makes sense to me to start with test tools, in particular test automation, because I work in testing & quality and so know people with expertise in that area of the industry. I have called this part of the Workbox: TUXT (Tester User eXperience of Tools).

It could be wonderful. It will be wonderful.




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